Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Recipes

Cake Tootsie pops

Box Cake Mix (strawberry is good)

Cream Cheese frosting (one can)

Sucker sticks

Chocolate melts (any color desired)

Bake a box cake according to the directions. Let the cake cool, then crumble cake into little pieces. Mix 2/3 a container of cream cheese frosting. Shape and roll into small 1 1/2 “balls. Push in one sucker stick into each cake ball. Refrigerate 1/2 hour until balls are firm.

In a small bowl melt chocolate candy melts in the microwave according to directions.

1st coat the lolipop around the sucker stick. Allow it to dry. Then finish coating the lolipops with chocolate, add sprinkles. Prop suckers up in a glass to dry so it will not create a flat side.

Let candy melt cool for about 15 minutes.

Enjoy! Maria